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Gathering Boards: Choose Large or XL

Cured Meats, Artisan Cheeses, Assorted Fresh Fruits, Nuts, Cornichons, Dried Fruits, and Various Accompaniments. Assorted Crackers on the side. 


Large BoardI 14 x 10 palm leaf trayI  1 jar of Erin's Elderberry Jelly, 1 jar of Virginia Honey Perfect for 6 to 12 gatherersI $109 (Our Large Gathering Board is slightly larger than our regular large board.)  


XL Board I 22 x 12 palm leaf tray I 2 jars of Erin's Jellies (1 Aronia and 1 Elderberry), 1 jar of Virginia Honey,  Pefect for 12 to 16 gatherers! $175


Gathering Boards-Perfect for all Gatherings or Events!

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Meat and cheese assortment will depend on market availability.  Cheese variety may include brie, manchego, goat cheese, mild cheddar, camembert, gouda, etc.  Meat array may include italian dry salami, hard salami, prosciutto, sopressata, calabrese, capocollo, etc.


  • Perishable boxes are not returnable.  Payment is required at the time of order.  Orders cancelled 5 days prior to delivery are eligible for a full refund.  Orders cancelled 2 days prior to delivery are eligible for 50 percent refund.  Any orders cancelled under 48 hours prior to delivery are not eligible for a refund.

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